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ShopieHi I am Sophie Anderson and in this website you will find my in-depth review on John Barban’s Venus Factor.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are posting their review without analyze it and some of them even not reading it once.

This review is different because, I applied these re-shaping body techniques myself and I am going to share my honest opinion regarding this program.

I am starting my review by sharing useful information regarding this program which many people even John Barban hiding from you then I will show you reviews which are posted by some of my friends and then I conclude my review by sharing my final verdict regarding this program

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hot figureDo you want to have sexy feminine figure?

Venus Factor (VF) is the right program for you. This program is not a weight loss program or weight gaining program instead this program designed to give you top sexy feminine body shape.

What is Venus Factor?

In this review I don’t want to misguide you by telling this program is a breakthrough of thousands of year research or it is found out of the planet. The real truth about this program is that, VF is body transformation program which gives you sexy feminine body.

If you think your body is going out of shape and you want the top feminine figure that you once had then you must give VF a try.

In this program you will find exercises based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You don’t need to spend endless hours in your GYM instead these workouts are based on short burst followed by short interval. This program is designed only for WOMEN that want to look sexy and attractive like female celebrity.

Venus Factor is not the only body transformation program in the world, there are many body transformation programs out there on the market but the biggest drawback in all these body transformation programs is that they are either completely based on nutrition plan or workout plan and none of them focus on making female body attractive. But, The Venus Factor is completely different from them because this is the only program which not only highlights female body attractive parts but also provide training to make them appear super attractive.

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It does not matter how much weight you have, your main priority should be focus on getting attractive figure and only VF provides you opportunity to build your body figure which looks attractive to most guys.

How does it work?

When you get access to Venus Factor you will instructions for measuring your body ratios. These are height-to-waist ratio (HWR), Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and Waist-to-shoulder ratio (WSR).

    • Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR):

    For this ratio you need to multiple your current height in inches (without shoes) by 0.38. So, if your current height is 5ft 5inches (65 inches) then your HWR ratio is 25. According to John Barban the ideal HWR is 38%

    • Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR):

    For this ratio you need to obtain your waist measurement and multiply it with 1.42. Based on your HW ratio your ideal WH ratio should be 34.49 or 34.

    • Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR):

    This ratio is obtainable by multiplying your waist numbers by 1.618. Based on your HW and WH ratio the ideal WS ratio should be around 55 or 56.

As the height of every woman is different that is why these ratios are determined by John Barban to give ideal body ratio to women that want to look sexy.

If this look confusing to you then you can watch John Barban’s video for in-depth explanation regarding these three ratios

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Furthermore, you will also get access to The Venus Factor Workout Manual which is consists of 12 weeks step-by-step plan. These workouts do not need long sessions for cardio instead these are designed in give quick results with minimal exercising. These workout plan burn fat from your body, build muscles and give your body completely new and refreshing look.

John Barban also provides workout plan which is divided into three phrases and every phrase is about 4 weeks long. In each phrase you will get complete instruction with lots of pictures and tutorial videos. These pictures, instruction and videos will help in performing exercises carefully in order to get maximum benefits from them.


venus factor reviewsThe workouts explained in Venus Factor are simple but they are very effective. You only need to perform these workouts only three days a week. Every workout contains lots of different set of exercises because this program provides complete body transformation.

In this program you also find some weight lifting and muscle building exercises because John Barban designed this program in such a way it provides transformation to whole body muscles and provide sexy looking body figure.

There are few exercises which you may find difficult because these exercises target multiple muscle groups. To get best results quickly you surely need to perform these exercises. John Barban designed exercise routine in such a way, even woman with busy schedule can perform these exercises without any excuse.


    • Workout plan is easy-to-follow and with the help of pictures and videos it becomes more effective to get maximum results from them.
    • As this program provides nutrition and exercise plan based on body measurement ratios that is why every woman can get benefit from it without any problem.
    • This is the only program that is capable of providing attractive feminine body figure. It is not about losing weight or building muscle instead it is about toning muscles and making body attractive.
    • The nutrition plan does not restrict you from your favorite food. You can continue eating your favorite food but within limit, of course.
    • Workout plan does not need you pay monthly fees of GYM. All workouts designed in this program can be easily performed from your home with pair of dumbbell and bench that can handle your body weight.
    • John Barban provides high quality customer service and response to any query within 24 hours.
    • Your investment in this program is completely secure with 60 days money back guarantee.



    • If you are looking for losing few pounds this is not the right program because this is total body transformation program.
    • This program is not suitable for women that have bone problems.
    • Needs internet connection to download because this program comes in digital format.
    • Designed especially for women, if you are men then it is useless to try.

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Final Verdict:

I conclude my review by saying if you want to get perfect body shape then you must give Venus Factor a try. There are many women get their sexy figure with the help of this program. Don’t forget you have 60 days money back guarantee to try it without any risk. Seriously, there is not a single reason for not trying this program. Give it a try and I am sure you will enjoy it.

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